omg!  I looooooove!!!!!!!  I can't wait for the hubster to wake up so I can show him!!!!  Awesome job Doug!

- Deidre Wheatly, Shelby Manor Senior Living

Thank you Kevin (Comcast) for referring us to Doug at Future World Media. He was most accommodating and extremely efficient with this production project!

- Karen Chapell, Retirement Income Solutions


- Diann Wojtylko, Taylor Auto Salvage

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!D...u r awsome...Yes thats it...go with it..asap...Send copy to josh asap..Thanks you did it...Be Proud.

- George Darmis, Owner of Cutie Baby Co.

We recommend Douglas constantly for production of our client's commercials because he always provides a good consistent product and is always fairly priced. The quality of the final product is always good and he takes good care of the customer.

- Roger Weaver, Viamedia Regional Manager

Doug does wonderful work breathing life into the ideas that come from me and my clients. Often the client is not exactly sure what they want until they see the final edit. Doug has jumped through many hoops to make a client happy and to meet deadlines. Doug's work is very clean, thorough and timely. If you need video production you should check out Doug's website and see the work he has done.

- Jay Burg, Viamedia Manager of Advanced Advertising

Thanks again for your help with the ICSC videos! The event today went AWESOME and the videos played beautifully. They were both a big hit.

- Clarity Newhouse, Sunny Media Group

The video work you did for the Cynthia Kallgren campaign was GREAT. My husband, Ken, and I live in Southgate and just loved the commercial.

- Jeanne Wickline, Friend of Client

I love the commercial--good job! "Cut and print!" as they say in Hollyweird. The two of you are true professionals and I've enjoyed working with you. Let's keep our fingers crossed on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd.

- William Molnar, Oakland County Commissioner

Perfect! This is an awesome commercial. I am very happy!!! You do great work Doug. I cannot wait to do more. Thanks So much. You can use me as a reference anytime!

- José Rahaman, Your Time Fitness

You're a million bucks! . . . You do great work my friend. Hope to work with you again!

- Steve Acho, Muscian

Just a quick note to thank you for the incredible service that you provide to our local advertising community! Your work is some of the best in the business and we appreciate the consistent work you do to help our local advertisers get great results from their marketing efforts. Also very much appreciated is the affordability of your services and the wonderful quality product. Small businesses that have limited budgets are able to get great commercials produced without compromised quality. I would highly recommend your services anytime and welcome you to have anyone call me for a reference. Again, thanks for the great work and we look forward to our excellent working relationship.

- Roger Weaver, Viamedia Regional Manager

As owner of Sax Discount Pharmacy, I have used Future World Media to produce our television commercials for the past three years. Douglas Struble, owner of FWM , has taken the time to learn our business,understand the message we are trying to convey in our advertising, and help us get that message across effectively. When can't seem to find the right words, Doug always seems to put the finishing touches on to "polish" it up. He then always manages to direct the production in such a way that our commercials always put our best foot forward. We will continue to use FWM exclusively to produce all our commercials.

- Bob Armstrong, Sax Drug & Gifts

Doug, I wanted to formally thank you for the exceptional job you did with the video production. I am deeply grateful for the polished result, for your ability to work with such little notice and for the professional and personable level with which you dealt with us. I know you put in substantial time to get the video out to meet our deadline, and you still provided us a very fair price. I would, without hesitation, recommend your services. I thank you and all of your staff for the first rate job, and I wish you every success.

- Principal, Garden City Public Schools

Thank you for your fine work on the booklet. It is at the printer now but he brought us a proof with true colors and it looks just beautiful. Everything is so crisp and clear. You did a beautiful job. Also the pages you sent me are working out just wonderful. They have added professionalism to the items we e-mail. Thank you again!

- Mary Ellen, DeCarlo's Banquets

Without question the nicest ad we've ever had!!!! Consider it approved. Ecellent work my young lad!! By the way . . . the voice over is perfect!!

- Lawrence, My Lady's Florist

thank you doug!!!!!!!!! you are the best!!!!!!!! wife loves comercial!!!!!!!

- Ray, Ray's Pharmacy

Thanks and great work!!!

- Daniel, Advicon Computer

Thanks for all your help and expertise!

- Wendi Brown, ReMax Hometeam

Very nice job. Looks very professional and conveys a lot of info in a really short time.

- Dr. Tom Bifulco, Great Steps

WONDERFUL!!!! This is exactly what we are looking for.

- Mary Ellen, DeCarlo's Banquets

I appreciate your quick response.

- Debra Lee, Viamedia

Thanks for your quick attention to this revision.

- Owner, The Flower Company

That looks great! You the Man!

- Jeff Morrett, Viamedia

Approved! That looks great.

- Steve Thomas, Aardvark Computer Repair

Wow! You are fast. Thanks so much for helping me with this. I appreciate it very much.

- Kate Sanborn, Comcast